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  • A diet high in flavanoids kills cancer cells in the colon.

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    High Flavanol Dark Chocolate and the Brain

    Can a high flavanol dark chocolate help the brain? According to a new study in the ‘Journal of Hypertension 2012’ high flavanol dark chocolate helps boost the brain providing a glimmer of hope for our growing population of the elderly and brain related disorders like Alzheimer’s and MCI. This report reflects a study that took […]

  • Dark chocolate helps to stabilize blood sugars in diabetics.

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    Dark Chocolate Is Good For Diabetics

    A clinical study reported in Journal of Diabetic Medicine shows the difference between the good chocolate with high polyphenols (high flavanoids or plant based antioxidants) and bad chocolate with low polyphenols. Dark chocolate is good for diabetics.

  • Raw organic chocolate is the higest nutrient dense food you can eat.

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    Vitamins And Nutrients In Gourmet Healthy Chocolate

    Raw, cold pressed Gourmet Healthy Chocolates contain many vitamins and minerals that are high in antioxidants as well as flavanoids. Exactly what makes gourmet healthy chocolate healthy, and what’s the big deal anyway? Learn just how healthy these chocolate are for you.

  • hydroxyl-radical-and-polyphenol-antioxidants-super-foods

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    Hydroxyl Radical And Polyphenol Antioxidants

    Prevention of oxidative stress and free radical damage to DNA is an area that science has been studying. One of the most harmful free radicals that exist in the human body is the ‘hydroxyl radical’. Left unattended this radical seeks and destroys cell tissue and molecules.