Dark chocolate helps to stabilize blood sugars in diabetics.

Dark Chocolate Is Good For Diabetics

I often hear comments from many people that diabetics cannot have chocolate. While it is true that they should not have candy with chocolate in it they can have chocolate. Remember that candy with chocolate in it is laced with fillers and refined white sugars, the ‘bad’ chocolate.

The ‘good chocolate’, gourmet healthy chocolates are just what the doctor may order to help diabetics. In the Journal of Diabetic Medicine one study shows the difference between the good chocolate with high polyphenols (high flavanoids or plant based antioxidants) and bad chocolate with low polyphenols.

This study reported was the first of it’s kind with diabetics. According to the University of Hull: “Twelve individuals with Type 2 diabetes were selected and those who participated were on stable medication. They were given 45gr of dark chocolate to eat daily for 16 weeks in a double blind study.

The patients were given chocolate either with or without a high cocoa content. The dark chocolate contained 85% cocoa solids compared to the placebo which contained no cocoa solids but was dyed the same colour as the dark chocolate. Individual 15g foil wrapped bars were provided and the volunteers were asked to consume one bar three times a day. The patients were advised not to consume any other chocolate for the duration of the study and they were instructed to make no changes to their diet and lifestyle.”

Dark chocolate helps to stabilize blood sugars in diabetics.After the 16 week study there were significant increases to their HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) prompting comments from endocrine specialists advising diabetics to make a high polyphenonl (high flavanol) dark chocolate part of their daily dietary intake. In the Hull University article Steve Atkin, Professor of Diabetes and Endocrinology, who led the study says: “People with Type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to develop cardiovascular disease and since one of the main contributory factors to heart disease is a low level of HDL or ‘good’ cholesterol, the findings that dark chocolate can improve this, means the results of this study are hugely significant.”

The conclusion in the study as reported in the Journal of Diabetic Medicine states, “High polyphenol chocolate is effective in improving the atherosclerotic cholesterol profile in patients with diabetes by increasing HDL cholesterol and improving the cholesterol:HDL ratio without affecting weight, inflammatory markers, insulin resistance or glycaemic control.”

High flavanol raw dark chocolate is helping to keep blood sugars stable and could possible even prevent diabetes. Dark chocolate is good for Diabetics and allowing them to enjoy their favorite confection as long as they select the right type.

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26 thoughts on “Dark Chocolate Is Good For Diabetics”

  1. ImmaChocoholic

    Thank you for stopping by Todd! It is exciting information that truly can help diabetics! I had gestational diabetes and I remember feeling so sad that I could not have chocolate although I didn’t KNOW back then what the difference was between good and bad. I hope this helps diabetics rejoice!

  2. Amazing article Jean. Love the way you differentiate the “good” chocolate from the “bad” chocolate. I admit i never knew the difference until i got to chat with you, and further on read this article. I’m not a diabetic, but my sister does. And she always craved chocolate but felt or had believed for so long that this was not healthy for her condition. I now know that dark chocolate is good to help keep her blood sugars stable and could possible even prevent diabetes. Dark chocolate is good for my sister and other diabetics and they can have their favorite confection as long as they select the right kind.

    My sister is so grateful that i had the chance to engage with you and learn so much about #healthy chocolate. Your cause is a sweet and strong one Jean. And you have our support. To help others like my sister feel safe about eating chocolate without it affecting their health.

  3. ImmaChocoholic

    I am so glad that this information is helping! I can relate to your sister and I can relate to other diabetics out there. Knowing that if you select the right kind it IS a good thing! It IS a chocolate hug that your insides desperately need! Thank you for your support and your comment. I appreciate you!

  4. I am drinking dark bitter chocolate with milk, it is gorgeous even without any sweeteners, we should learn to taste the real taste of foods, sugar is changing completely the savor of chocolate! specially if we want to use chocolate as a medicinal treatment like for diabetic or intestinal disorders or others.
    Great post 🙂

  5. Fatin that is awesome that you drink it without any sugar! It sounds like you are drinking the original drink of the ‘gods’. I couldn’t agree with you more that sugar has changed the flavor of chocolate and is in far too many foods. Most everyone is addicted to sugar that is causing so many health related issues! Thank you for stopping by and sharing! Here’s to your health 🙂

  6. Thank you Ishak. I am glad to hear that you have been so proactive to learn what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’. What we put into our bodies results in ‘we are what we eat’! Swap the ‘bad’ chocolate for the ‘good’ chocolate and your body will love you! Thank you for stopping by and sharing 🙂 I appreciate your input!

  7. Awesome post Jean! Well researched and presented info. I can’t thank you enough for opening my eyes to the amazing new possibilities of dark chocolate and all of the positive health benefits. Your passion comes through like the sweet taste of chocolate. It’s all about the high flavanoids and plant based antioxidants! I can’t wait to taste your products!!!

  8. ImmaChocoholic

    Thank you Sebastian! Chocolate gets such a bad rap because EVERYONE thinks ‘candy’. It is really exciting to see what science is doing in their research. One of these days you may hear your doctor say I am writing you a prescription to go order gourmet healthy chocolates. In reality, there are many doctors who are already doing this. They are helping their patients, the patients love that they can eat chocolate and it is generating another income stream for them. (If there are any doctors out there reading this and are thinking huh? Let’s connect so that I can help you, too.)

  9. Thank you, Jean. I do love the “real” chocolate, and really try to avoid the “bad” chocolate at all costs. I find I like the 70% pure cocoa, but I guess I will have to go to the 85%.

    Thanks very much for clearing this up for me!!

    Dr. Gary

  10. ImmaChocoholic

    Dr. Gary, thank you for stopping by! The higher the cacao the higher the antioxidants. What is really key is the flavanols which has been shown in studies to be the beneficial plant based antioxidants. Sadly, when regular dark chocolate is processed, no matter what the cacao content is, up to 90% of those flavanols are killed. That is what makes gourmet healthy chocolate so special. They are raw cold pressed; therefore, you are getting high antioxidants and high flavanols. It is the ‘right type of chocolate to eat’ and it will give your insides that ‘chocolate hug’ 😉

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