A diet high in flavanoids kills cancer cells in the colon.

Daring Words. High Flavanol Dark Chocolate and the Brain

High flavanol dark chocolate, alzheimers and boosting the brain.Dark Chocolate Stimulates the Brain

Is High flavanol dark chocolate and the brain an unlikely pair?


According to a new study in the ‘Journal of Hypertension 2012’ high flavanol dark chocolate helps boost the brain providing a glimmer of hope for our growing population of the elderly and brain related disorders like Alzheimer’s and MCI so in fact Dark Chocolate Stimulates the Brain in a good manner.

This report reflects a study that took place over an eight week period where 90 elderly participants who were already displaying some symptoms of ‘MCI’ were given chocolate drinks that varied in the measurement of flavanols; 990 milligrams (high), 520 mg (intermediate) or 45 mg (low). Each participant underwent a series of tests to measure the impact of flavanols from regular consumption of the ‘daily’ chocolate drink. Those individuals who received daily doses of flavanols from dark chocolate that were in the medium to high range scored significantly better than those who received ‘low’ doses of flavanols.

So, as we delve into how Dark Chocolate Stimulates the Brain we uncover even more from the study.

In addition to these cognitive test results researchers also found a reduction in blood pressure, oxidative stress levels and insulin resistance. The findings in this study underscore earlier test results from various other studies showing the benefits of high flavanol chocolate to the heart through vasodilation and that when it is consumed ‘moderately’ (example: daily dietary intake) that there is definitive evidence to helping promote wellness in the body. Keep in mind that no ‘one’ thing will be the magic fix but when the right type of chocolate is added to anyone’s daily diet paired with healthy eating habits and regular exercise you are helping your body combat free radical damage.

High flavanol dark chocolate that is not processed significantly improves brain function.This study provides hope to our ‘aging population’ that chocolate may be able to play a significant role to boosting the function of the brain. The experts who reviewed this study were cautiously optimistic but also warn that just because the findings through this study show the results from 90 elderly participants does not warrant any one individual in the general population to change up their diet and lifestyle without further research and working closely with their doctors.

You may be thinking or wondering where you can get ‘this type of high flavanol chocolate’ similar to what was is used in scientific studies like this one. You can’t get it from your local store because those chocolates have all been heated and processed where additional ‘ingredients’ including sugar have been added. Remember that flavanols are extremely sensitive to heat and light so preparing ‘conventional’ chocolate (that you find in a store) has killed up to 90% of them.   Flavanols ARE what makes chocolate healthy.  Look for dark chocolate that is raw, not processed and is cold pressed or stone ground (artisan chocolate usually made by hand). You can select from the best raw organic gourmet healthy chocolates on the market through this website.  Decide which raw organic chocolate is best for you to begin boosting your brain function and promoting an overall wellness. Become part of the growing population that has discovered the power of raw organic dark chocolate. You won’t believe how you can feel until you experience it for yourself.

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