Flavanols In Cocoa May Offer Benefits To The Brain

The International Journal of Medical Sciences reported that a ‘special cocoa’used in studies suggest that the high flavanol content may have beneficial benefits to vascular blood flow. These studies have generated excitement in the medical scientific world and have given them reason to believe that it may assist in the way we learn and our memory.

Their studies and results have also given them reason to believe that this is one area in which further examination is warranted and will give the medical and scientific world a possible vehicle to help older individuals that could lead to new solutions for preventing cognitive decline and dementia. “One study, conducted by Ian A. Macdonald, PhD, from the University of Nottingham Medical School in the United Kingdom, found that the consumption of this cocoa resulted
in regional changes in blood flow in study participants, suggesting that cocoa flavanols may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of vascular impairments within the brain itself.”Flavanoid rich raw cacao beans.

It is another reason to feel less guilty about eating your favorite food because the flavanols in cocoa pack a punch when consumed. Understanding the impact raw organic chocolate has on human health is something that Dr. Norm Hollenberg has taken great interest in over the years. His studies on the Kuna Indians has helped science to take closer look at ‘cocoa’. Discovering that flavanols in cocoa my offer benefits to the human brain could potentially lead to new cures as our society ages.

In the USA


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Source: International Journal of Medical Sciences

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