Dark chocolate is the best type of chocolate to eat.

Types Of Chocolate

Dark chocolate is the best type to eat.Did you know that white chocolate really isn’t chocolate because there is no Cacao in it? Rather it is made up of sugar, cocoa butter or vegetable oils and milk. It is ivory in color.

Milk Chocolate is made up of milk, milk powders, cocoa solids, butyric acid to help preserve the milk within the chocolate from spoiling. It is processed or heated with other fillers and wax is added to it so that when molded it will continue to hold its shape.

Dark Chocolate is made up of sugar and cocoa with no milk. Some manufacturers may add chocolate liquor. Some manufacturers will list the percentage of cacao on their labels i.e. 70% – 99% Cacao. It is processed meaning that it is heated so that it can be molded into a shape.

Raw Chocolate is a chocolate that has not been heated or processed. The beneficial nutrients and antioxidants are in tact therefore promoting health. Raw chocolate is also used as a ‘tool’ by wellness professionals and considered a natural medicine.

Compound Chocolate is a combination of cocoa and vegetable fat or hydrogenated fats that may be used as ‘candy coatings’. White chocolate fits in this category since it is truly not chocolate at all.

Chocolate Nibs are the actual Cacao bean that has been roasted and have been separated from their husks.

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