Raw organic chocolate and wine are natures chemotherapy

Chocolate And Red Wine Go Well Together

Raw organic chocolate and wine are natures chemotherapyMost wine experts will share their passion on what foods pair well with wine and some will even help you indulge by sharing a little dark chocolate with your wine because they do go well together. Studies have shown that the nutrients in wine and chocolate have medicinal properties and have been shown to help fight cancer by choking off the blood supply to tumors called ‘anti-angiogenesis’. There are dozens of drugs on the market that already do this but not everyone can afford cancer fighting drugs. The study gives hope to those who may not have access to conventional methods and may find benefits from a diet rich in antioxidants especially those with cancer fighting properties.

This doesn’t mean go out and drink multiple bottles of wine and eat as much dark chocolate as you can in one sitting. It does mean that it is ok to take it in moderation daily. Look for a chocolate that is high in flavanoids and one that has little or no sugar because cancer feeds on sugar. Experts are always going to agree to disagree on how much and how often. Use your head and make safe choices. Scientists have discovered that when certain foods are paired together they are just as potent as conventional drugs to fight and starve cancer. It just so happens that chocolate and red wine are potent cancer killers and a natural medicine. So pour a glass of your favorite Cabernet and enjoy some raw organic dark gourmet healthy chocolates because chocolate and red wine go so well together and are nature’s ‘chemotherapy’.

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Source: Physorg.com

13 thoughts on “Chocolate And Red Wine Go Well Together”

  1. Jean, Great website! I would love to help you with QC!
    Thank you for pairing the Delectus wine!
    Have a wonderful day!
    Delectus Winery

  2. Thank you Stacee! Delectus Cabernet and gourmet healthy chocolates really do go so well together 😀 These are two things that most people love and really ARE good for you. Cheers!

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  4. Mother Nature has a way of providing the nutritional foods we need. Chocolate and red wine have been around for centuries.It is only now that we are realizing why they are so important to have in our diet.

  5. ImmaChocoholic

    Lee you are so right! With so many news related items about obesity, cancer, high blood pressure etc…. our society is finally starting to take a look back at what we have had in front of us all along; what Mother Nature gave to us. Her food is powerful and very medicinal.

  6. Love both…and my local cheese lady had me try blue cheese crumbles with chocolate. Absolutely divine. 🙂 Love, Goddess

  7. ImmaChocoholic

    Hi Sharon, thanks for stopping by! Blue cheese and chocolate! Now that sounds very interesting 😎

  8. Great news to know that 2 of my favourite things: fine dark chocolate and red wine are good for me. I’m big on moderation, so having the 2 together is a regular treat. I think Malbec from Argentina pairs very nicely with a rich dark chocolate.

  9. Doreen I am right there with you on two of my favorite things. I was quite excited to see this information and wanted to share. Thank you for your suggestion on pairing red wine with dark chocolate! Cheers 😉

    1. I am so glad you found this information helpful AND delicious!! Thanks for sharing. It’s all about helping people to discover. Let’s make it go viral! There are a lot of people who still do not know and need to learn. Sharing is caring.

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