Is chocolate really to blame for acne?

Chocolate And Acne

Is chocolate really to blame for acne? It seems that just about everyone has experienced acne and some have had more than their share. It is painful and embarrassing to have a ‘zit’ on your face especially for a teen. One excuse or the reason behind these blemishes is having had too much chocolate or greasy foods. A scientific study shows that both of these food categories have been taking the blame far too long.

What is the real cause of acne?

The real cause of acne is bread and specifically citing that refined products like flour and sugars have a direct link to acne. They found that populations with relatively low processed and refined foods had lower cases of acne or no acne at all. Refined sugar and processed foods are not only responsible for high rates of acne but it also aids in the onset of diabetes. These refined foods actually cause the pancreas to pump out excessive amounts of insulin. We have become a society of being ‘too busy’ with events, kids activities after school, sports and many others that most of us reach for the ‘ready to eat foods’ which have been processed and contain refined sugars in them.

If you have been blaming chocolate or greasy foods on your acne, try modifying your diet to get off the refined sugars and over processed foods like breads. Remember that candy with chocolate in it is loaded with refined white sugar! If you just thought about stocking up on ‘chocolate candy’ you buy in the store, stop thinking about that. Look for an unprocessed high cacao content chocolate to get your chocolate fix like gourmet healthy chocolates. Begin to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet along with more water instead of soft drinks. Select the right kind of chocolate and give your body the tools that it needs to combat aging, illness that occur when the body is out of balance.

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