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  • A diet high in flavanoids kills cancer cells in the colon.

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    High Flavanol Dark Chocolate and the Brain

    Can a high flavanol dark chocolate help the brain? According to a new study in the ‘Journal of Hypertension 2012’ high flavanol dark chocolate helps boost the brain providing a glimmer of hope for our growing population of the elderly and brain related disorders like Alzheimer’s and MCI. This report reflects a study that took […]

  • Consuming foods that are rich in flavanols contributes to combatting chronic illness.

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    Antioxidants, Flavanoids And Human Health

    There is sufficient evidence in the science and medical world showing that diets rich in phytochemicals contributes to the reduction of oxidative stress and free radical damage that leads to certain types of cancers, heart diseases and neurodgenerative diseases.

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    Chocolate Is Good For You

    Did you know that chocolate contains several minerals and vitamins? Dark chocolate is higher in cacao content and contains magnesium which helps muscles relax, aids nerve conduction and energy production as well as bone and teeth development.