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  • Dark chocolate helps to stabilize blood sugars in diabetics.

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    Dark Chocolate Is Good For Diabetics

    A clinical study reported in Journal of Diabetic Medicine shows the difference between the good chocolate with high polyphenols (high flavanoids or plant based antioxidants) and bad chocolate with low polyphenols. Dark chocolate is good for diabetics.

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    Causes Of Inflammation
    The Good, Bad and Ugly

    Inflammation in the body is something we cannot readily see yet it is responsible for a multitude of ailments. A high carbohydrate diet with little protein is directly linked to inflammation and also related to a high intake of sugar.

  • Is chocolate really to blame for acne?

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    Chocolate And Acne

    Everyone blames chocolate for getting fat and causing acne. Studies have shown that refined products like white flour and sugar are the culprits which you should blame.