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  • Harness The Power Of Chocolate

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    Harness The Power Of Chocolate

    Harness the power of chocolate! A recent news report based on a new study shows that individuals who eat chocolate regularly are skinnier than those individuals who are not regular consumers.   This news made quite a buzz in the chocoholic’s world and with good reason because chocolate lovers always like more good reasons to justify […]

  • Consuming foods that are rich in flavanols contributes to combatting chronic illness.

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    Antioxidants, Flavanoids And Human Health

    There is sufficient evidence in the science and medical world showing that diets rich in phytochemicals contributes to the reduction of oxidative stress and free radical damage that leads to certain types of cancers, heart diseases and neurodgenerative diseases.

  • Processed foods and Omega 3 fatty acid.

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    Depression And The Omega-3 Connection

    Clinical evidence through blood tests has shown that most patients who suffer from depression have very low Omega-3′s in their systems. The average person only receives 130mg per day but the recommended amount is 650mg per day. When you don’t give your brain the nutrients it needs to make healthy cells your entire system is at risk for many forms of depression.

  • Using high antioxidants to treat eye disease.

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    Chronic Eye Disease, Oxidative Stress And The Use Of Antioxidants

    Retinitis Pigmentosa is a vision stealing chronic illness that is grouped together with many other chronic eye diseases of the retina. Those individuals who have been diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa experience night vision loss in their adolescence years, then begin to begin to lose peripheral vision and later in life they lose central vision.

  • hydroxyl-radical-and-polyphenol-antioxidants-super-foods

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    Hydroxyl Radical And Polyphenol Antioxidants

    Prevention of oxidative stress and free radical damage to DNA is an area that science has been studying. One of the most harmful free radicals that exist in the human body is the ‘hydroxyl radical’. Left unattended this radical seeks and destroys cell tissue and molecules.

  • People who consume chocolate regularly are thinner.

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    High Antioxidants And Weight Loss

    Diets that are rich in fruits and vegetables, high antioxidants, help the body to neutralize oxidative stress and free radical damage to the cells in your body. Our bodies produce antioxidants naturally but as we age our bodies stop making their own and it is imperative that we get them from our diets. Without antioxidants the body endures continuous cell damage opening the door to chronic illness and other ‘age related’ diseases.