MLM in the Chocolate Industry – the (so-called) Opportunity

“Network Marketing in Health & Wellness is the next Trillion-Dollar industry.   Direct selling provides an unparalleled opportunity for millions of people to take responsibility for their own economic wellness and create long-term financial stability.”

Paul Zane Pilzer

16 reasons to consider starting up your own home based business

1. Nine out of 10 people love chocolate and 50% of the population cannot live without it. Your market niche is already there.

2. There is no inventory! ALL orders are processed securely online and drop shipped directly to the customer.

3. Exceptionally low start up with low overhead.

4. All of your chocolate is a tax deduction.

5. Network marketing with wellness chocolate is part of the ‘Health and Wellness’ industry and is one of the fastest growing industries. People are searching for ways to feel better naturally.

6. Become a member for FREE.

7. Is a perfect fit for moms, dads, students, doctors, dentists, nutritionists, weight loss specialists, retailers… everyone!

8. The compensation plan and business model is easy to understand.

9. Work part-time or full-time. You decide.

10. All products are Certified Organic and Fairtrade.

11. Is half the price of other ‘raw cold pressed’ healthy chocolates on the market.

12. You may place your chocolate in stores.

13. Fundraising with wellness chocolate is easy! Raise money AND help people discover the power of raw organic chocolate.

In the USA


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14. Share your membership number with anyone; your membership number functions like an ‘online’ coupon for retail sales helping you to build residual income.

15. If a customer should upgrade their membership to save even more money, they are automatically placed in your organization.

16. Connect with a family owned debt free company that care about their products, ingredients and support YOU!

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