The Health Benefits And Science Behind Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Updated: 09/28/2016 16:29:21

[g1_dropcap size=”s”]O[/g1_dropcap]ne essential fatty acid that everyone needs to make sure they consume daily is the Omega 3. Our brains generate new cells and Omega 3 plays a key role to produce healthy cells. When the brain produces cells and does not have enough Omega 3’s the cell wall formation is rigid. Many people take various types of supplements to get their Omega’s in addition to the foods that have this fatty acid. Certain kinds of fish provide you an excellent source of Omega’s but did you know that the Acai Berry is also a great source?


Science has proven that Omega’s aid those who may be Bi-Polar or are experiencing depression by helping to bring balance to the brain. Omega 3’s may also aid in weight loss and aid in protection from Alzheimer’s disease. Johns Hopkins reports that Omega 3’s may help with vision loss related to macular degeneration. Harvard reports that this essential fatty acid has heart health benefits and may help prevent some cancers.

Doing research on this topic I came across a video on YouTube from Dr. Robert Fishman, Clinical Nutrtionist who explains ‘How to Reverse the Damage to Diseased Cells All Naturally’ using Omega 3 fatty acids.

In this video he explains that food manufacturers have removed these Omega’s from processed foods to give the grocery stores what they are seeking, ‘foods that have a longer shelf life’. He also discusses the huge increase in ADD, ADHD and Autistim because foods that we are consuming are not delivering Omega’s that are crucial in healthy cell development. I urge you to watch this video and to share this article with everyone you know.

You probably haven’t thought a whole lot about Omega’s and may have only associated them with ‘fish’ yet Omega’s play an important role in keeping us healthy. A few of the visible affects from getting enough Omega 3’s are having nice shiny hair and healthy fingernails. How do you know if you are getting enough? Is your scalp dry and itchy? Is your hair brittle? Are your fingernails breaking, peeling or snapping off? Give attention to getting enough and feed your brain! Some foods that are best to get Omega’s from are Wild Caught Salmon *(DHA/EPA), Sardines (DHA/EPA) and plant based foods like Flax Seed (*ALA) or Walnuts (ALA). Most people will not consume all the recommended 600mg of Omega 3’s per day and should give serious consideration to supplementation.

Raw organic chocolate infused with Acai and Macqui berriesRaw organic chocolate that is infused with Acai is like chocolate on steroids. You are not only kicking up the amount of heart healthy antioxidants that come from the raw chocolate but the Acai ‘helps’ Omega 3 fish oils to penetrate the cell membrane. Healthy cells that are produced should be supple and not rigid.

*DHA/EPA are the best type of Omega 3 fatty acids. They are fish and what fish eat, blue green algae.

In the USA


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*ALA are plant based Omega 3’s. According to Dr. Mark Hyman who stated on the Dr. Oz show, “A one ounce serving of Flax Seed contains approximately 6,000mg of Omega 3 but only about 5% are turned into what your body needs.”

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