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Consuming a lot of raw vegetables daily delivers antioxidants that your body needs to combat free radicals.If you have a TV, listen to the radio or even notice on some foods packaged at the grocery store you may have heard or seen the word ‘antioxidants’.  Not many people really know what they do but we are being exposed to ‘that word’ daily.  Once you understand what free radicals and oxidative stress are you will have a better appreciation for this new buzz word and why they are so important to consume.

What is an antioxidant? It is a nutrient or substances that are found in fruits and vegetables. Studies performed scientifically have proven that antioxidants can combat free radical and oxidative stress damage. This is a good thing to help protect the body from illness. Your mom always said ‘eat your fruits and vegetables’ but I bet she didn’t know exactly why other than knowing that they are good for you somehow.

Consuming as many fresh fruits as you can daily helps deliver antioxidants that your body needs to combat free radicals.

ORAC – Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity

What does that mean? ORAC value is a measurement that is determined how many antioxidants are in foods to combat free radicals. The USDA recommends that we receive at least 3000 – 5000 ORAC daily. A nutritionist will suggest that we get between 10,000 and 15,000 ORAC daily but the average person gets approximately 800 daily!   When vegetables or fruits are heated there is significant loss of the beneficial antioxidants.  Not that long ago there were just a handful of foods that showed were tested to show the ORAC score but today that list has grown quite a bit.

How many antioxidants should a person consume every day? The more the better!

The amount of antioxidants you consume daily is directly proportional to how healthy and how long you will live. – Dr. Richard Cutler

Consuming antioxidants not only helps to protect your cells from oxidation and free radicals but they have been shown to be anti-aging reversing cell damage from years gone by.    Your goal should be to figure out how to consume as many antioxidants as you can every single day so you look better and feel better.  Give your body the tools that it needs to fight the ‘bad’ guys that will contribute to living a longer, happier and healthier life.

Did you know that raw organic chocolate is one of the highest measured ORAC super foods on the planet?  Super foods deliver HIGH antioxidants to the body.

Raw chocolate is not a candy but it is a whole clean food that retains all the beneficial vitamins and nutrients because is has not been processed.   If you don’t have time to eat right then consider eating raw organic chocolate to supplement your diet.  Chocoholics around the world – celebrate!


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Source: ORAC Values

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