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I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in 1991 and soon after was also diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). These types of chronic illnesses are ‘invisible’ to everyone but very real and debilitating to those who are ‘coping’ with them daily. It’s very difficult for someone who does not have CFS, IBS or any other ‘invisible chronic illness’ to be able to wrap their head around what it is and how you feel.

How does a person describe what CFS feels like? Try to imagine this… take the total number of hours of sleep you normally get each night and subtract four hours but do this every night. The result will leave you feeling ‘over tired’, ‘exhausted’ or ‘sleep deprived’ and continuing this pattern weakens your immune system. My body was so out of balance that in addition to developing IBS I would get colds that turned into bronchitis in three days, then on to pneumonia. I was always sick. I was always tired. And I joked (not really) about living in a bubble to avoid everyone’s germs because I’d catch everything! People who have CFS may sleep for hours and awaken feeling as if they never slept. My Western medicine doctors told me ‘there is no known cause or cure’ so I just learned how to ‘live with chronic illness’.

In 2009 I was introduced to gourmet healthy chocolate that I ate faithfully and I treated it like medicine. It tastes nothing like medicine but it does taste the way chocolate should taste! Delicious!! After about nine months I realized everything that was ever wrong with me had disappeared. All of the changes were very subtle and I did nothing different; I only added chocolate to my daily diet. I couldn’t understand how chocolate did what no doctor could ever do and needed to find out. This set the wheels into motion to help you learn and I hope that my story helps others out there who may be suffering from chronic illness to take control of their health, their destiny.GHC - Gourmet Healthy Chocolates - - @Immachocoholic

Educate yourself then embrace and discover the power of raw chocolate. Will it work for you? Each person IS different and you won’t know until you try. But I will stress that it’s a commitment and that the longer you eat it the better you ‘may’ feel. Don’t expect one or two pieces to become magical for you, eat it faithfully and every day. When chocolate is used as a ‘tool’ along with a healthy diet and lifestyle your body will respond and come back into balance naturally. I often run into people who have told me they are not sick and do not think they ‘need’ or should begin to consume raw organic chocolate. They are the ones who should begin eating chocolate ‘yesterday’! We all have inflammation in the body that is silent and deadly. Raw organic chocolate helps put out the fire within. Just because you are not sick or feel sick does not mean you are healthy. You have the key to feel better than you ever thought possible, it’s just a matter of making the choice and saying ‘yes, I am ready to feel better.’

In order to change we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.

A little about ‘ghc’ was created to help educate those who want to learn about the health benefits of eating dark chocolate, to discover, embrace and possibly begin a wellness journey like no other and is your online source to buying the best raw organic dark chocolates on the planet.

Many of us hear the word ‘chocolate’ and immediately begin to think about the ‘candy’ that we’ve all grown up with and have become addicted to. One of the missions at ghc is to help you discover what bad chocolate is, how to determine what good chocolate is and helping you to understand that your health is invaluable so invest in it.

Look to your health and value it next to a good conscience; for health is … a blessing that money cannot buy. – Izaak Walton

With over 2500 studies already done on chocolate it’s always inviting news to our ears and eyes that it seems to give us ‘permission’ to eat more chocolate. That is exactly what you should consider doing ‘if’ you select the right type of chocolate.

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